Strength 1

$109.99 $89.99

Strength 1

Strength 1

$109.99 $89.99


Strength1 is the newest prohormone that is formulated to build crazy dry, lean muscle and skyrocket strength. Smash the weights with new explosive strength. Formulated with EPIC to ensure the highest absorption possible. Users can expect to gain up to 90lbs across the big 3 lifts in 4 weeks. Learn More

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Product Benefits

Strength 1 for New PR’s!

Strength 1 is like no other when it comes to adding intense strength and lean, dry muscle in the shortest amount of time possible. With Strength 1 you will unleash the insane raw power that 1-Andro delivers. Strength1 packs a clinically proven amount 1-Andro per capsule. Strength and serious muscle gains are immanent.


1-Andro (1-Dhea) is a powerful anabolic compound in Strength1. 1-Andro turns into 1-testosterone in the human body through a 2-step conversion process. 1-Testostorone is 7 times more anabolic than regular testosterone! The best part is that it doesn’t turn into estrogen. 1-Andro is a non-methylated compound that is safe on the liver, unlike prohormones of the past. With products of the past, side effects were a big issue. The 1-Andro in Strength1 lacks the typical side effects of the similar banned products. Now you can expect to put on serious strength and smash all your previous PRs.


Harness the raw power of Strength1 in your blood stream and become Strong as hell!


Strength 1 Delivers Hard Hitting Results!

  • Skyrocket Strength Gains
  • 7x more Anabolic Than Testosterone
  • Lean, Dry Muscle Gains
  • Turbo Charge Protein Synthesis
  • Zero Conversion to Estrogen
  • Insane Muscle Pumps
  • Increase Fat Metabolism
  • Stimulate Muscle Definition and Hardness


Elite Peak Intake Complex (EPIC)

Prohormones are typically poorly absorbed and utilized by the body. EPIC is a specific blend of 3 of the strongest absorption enhancers that increases the amount of available prohormone in the bloodstream. Not only will it increase the absorption into the bloodstream, it also decreases the amount of the prohormone that is immediately broken down by the liver. With EPIC, you will get superior results than from other stand-alone prohormones!


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